Meet Our Coaches

Zenia Menon

Zenia Menon is a highly qualified nutritionist, dietitian & wellness coach with over 7+yrs of experience in health coaching and nutrition counseling. She ensures her clients understand what works best for their bodies to help them reach their goals. A critical factor in her assessments is to identify deficiencies & nutrient requirements while taking into consideration their current lifestyles. She develops personalized programs for people of multicultural profiles with different goals (athletes, people with medical conditions, children, and pregnancy). Her holistic approach to improved health & overall wellbeing through lifestyle modifications and balanced meal planning helps clients stay on track and see substantial results. Her continual goal is for people to have sound awareness of the quality & quantity of food, the importance of nourishing your body with good nutrition, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits.; enough to keep oneself away from chronic diseases. Her qualifications include a BSc. in Nutrition & Dietetics & MSc. in Nutrition & Exercise Science from the UK.


Aishwarya Holds Master’s Degree in Food science and Nutrition and draws her wisdom and expertise to empower people to take initiative of the health & happiness through awareness. Her main goals are to help people understand the complexities of their bodies. She loves to explore aspects of sports nutrition, the impact of hormones on overall health and help her clients to correct biochemical and nutritional imbalances by a combination of holistic and clinical experience with approaches to modern nutrition coaching. She loves to inspire people to feel as good as they can through food, and how to achieve that in a sustainable way.