why fat first thing in the morning

Why fat first thing in the morning ? 

Consuming fat first in the morning is very important to handle your hormonal imbalance and also lose weight and handle diabetes.

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After 60 years of believing that FAT was the “Bad Guy,” the concept of Fat first thing in the morning was presented recently. 

Ancel Benjamin Keys popularized this concept in the 1950’s, at a WHO expert meeting in Geneva, when he outlined his “diet-lipid-heart disease” hypothesis, which sounded fairly convincing at the time, thereby initiating the Fat-fearing ERA. 

 Since 2009-2010, a new era has begun with new studies and experiments demonstrating that eating healthy fat first thing in the morning not only improves our body’s response, but also decreases our hunger episodes and cravings. 

However, despite many research, studies, and individuals over the world experimenting with Fat First/Bulletproof coffee, people continue to believe that “Fats make them Fat.” 

As a nutritionist and wellness consultant, I see a lot of people struggling with their health. To dispel this notion and reassure our readers, I’ll share my personal experience with Fat and how my body responded to it. Though I adore the scent and taste of clarified butter/Ghee, I admit that I was initially hesitant to begin my day with it, as the concept of fat initially gave me disgusting thoughts. Thus, my objective was to make significant changes to my morning routine, which includes oil pulling with cold-pressed coconut oil (even before brushing my teeth) and substituting 1 tsp coconut oil in a cup of warm water on alternating days, as I am not a coffee drinker. 

Because I felt more at ease with the flavor of coconut oil, I began this manner; however, you may begin with Ghee in warm water if you want. 

Additionally, diabetics, persons with PCOS, or those with insulin resistance can enhance their blood sugar control by adding 3gm of cinnamon powder to this recipe. On the other hand, persons with Thyroid should take their meds first thing in the morning and then begin with fats. This will help you maintain a healthy hormonal balance in your body. 

The benefits of consuming fat first thing in the morning include the following: 

To begin, the very simple reality about fat in the morning is that 1 gramme of fat contains 9 calories, while 1 gramme of carbohydrate or protein has just 4 calories; hence, fat will logically keep us feeling fuller for longer. 

Because carbohydrates’ primary role is to elevate blood sugar levels, when you begin with carbs, your blood sugar levels swiftly rise and fall, leaving you hungry and craving your next meal. 

In comparison, a healthy fat helps you maintain better control of your blood sugar levels. Because there is no carbohydrate present, there is no resulting increase in blood glucose. Additionally, it improves insulin resistance. Contributes to increased vitamin absorption. Finally, we’re going to improve our general gut health. Healthy fat meals also differ from conventional dairy products in that they are low in lactose and casein, the two primary proteins responsible for indigestion in the small intestine. Constipation is also eliminated with fat first, as well as improved hormone control in the body due to the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids and saturated healthy fats.

Fats That Are Good for You vs. Fats That Are Bad for You: 

When we hear the term “FAT,” many of us make broad strokes. Numerous sites describe and discuss fat as if it were all the same, although each fat has a unique role to perform. Healthy fat vs. unhealthy fat is a topic to grasp and apply in our daily lives in order to provide our bodies with an energy source. Yes, we do have many types of fats such as saturated, unsaturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats, each of which has a unique purpose. Essentially, any fat found in nature is a healthy fat, such as cold pressed seed oils, nuts, eggs, whole milk, and avocados (as an exception). Whereas any fat that has been commercially made, hydrogenated, or refined from crude oil is unhealthy due to the numerous poisons and chemicals needed to refine and commercialize it.

Healthy Fats for the Morning: 

Several options to consider as a fat first thing in the morning are the following: 

  • Organic butter is made from grass-fed cow’s milk or A2 cow’s milk
  • Ghee from Organic Cows: Ghee made from grass-fed cows or A2 cows’ milk
  • Old-pressed virgin coconut oil: Virgin coconut oil that has been cold-pressed to minimize nutritional loss
  • Coconut chunks/pieces: Fresh coconut chunks/pieces are also an excellent source of healthful fats
  • Organic Nut butter: Lightly roast any nut cashew/almond and churn in a blender until creamy. Season with a pinch of sea salt to taste

Unhealthy Fat-Containing Foods: 

  • Bakeries and biscuits: These include all of the undesirable fats due to the poor grade fat used to extend the shelf life.
  • Margarine/salted butter: These are hydrogenated vegetable oils that have been subjected to hydrogen gas bombardment.
  • Not only is fat-free milk lower in fat and calories, but it also contains fewer naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Ready-to-eat foods: Once again, a quick cure for food lovers who crave items high in trans fat or unhealthy fats.
  • Refined Oil: This is crude oil that has been refined utilizing numerous chemicals and poisons that bond to the refined oil and enter our bodies. 

We are all unique in our own ways, so let us discover the equilibrium and balance necessary to maintain our health, happiness, and vitality.’It may be difficult and perplexing at first, but we cannot expect to achieve different results by continuing to practice the same old habits, don’t you agree?

Thus, while it may be challenging at first to eliminate carbs and replace them with healthy fats, after 4-6 days, you will begin to like this morning ritual. 

Always begin slowly and gradually increasing the intensity to meet your body’s needs. Begin with 1 teaspoon of healthy fat and gradually increase to 1 tbsp after a month. If you can maintain any morning ritual for 21 days, it will immediately become a habit. Therefore, set aside time mentally to kick-start your “Healthy Fat” first thing in the morning. 

Written by Ananya Bhattacharya, ENHAPP Wellness Coach & Nutritionist 

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