face yoga for glowing skin

Try these 7 Simple Poses of Face Yoga For Glowing Skin

Want younger-looking beautiful skin? Here’s how you do face yoga for glowing skin and steer away from dull-looking skin.

Today, we all spend a lot of money on skincare regimens to achieve porcelain skin. Of course, it is a wonderful way of taking care of your skin. But these overpriced products are not affordable for many people. Besides, not everyone prefers Botox, fillers, and other invasive treatments. Most of us want a natural approach to maintaining a youthful appearance. Recently, face yoga for glowing skin is a beauty trend that has caught the attention of many skincare enthusiasts. And for good reason! 

This holistic approach is inexpensive and you only need your own hands. You can perform these face exercises in the privacy of your home. Besides, they target your facial muscles, lymphatics and skin, giving you a firm, lifted, and toned look. But do they really work? Here, we’ll dive into the benefits of yoga for face glow and the science behind it. 

Face yoga for glowing skin 

First things first, there are not many studies supporting the claims that face yoga is good for the skin. However, many people swear by it as it rejuvenates their dull-looking skin. Do you know that regular yoga benefits your mind and body? Well, face yoga can do the same to your facial muscles. As you do the yoga movement, it tightens and lifts your saggy muscles. It gives you toned and sculpted cheeks as well.  

Face yoga benefits 

When you massage your skin, it increases your blood flow and reduces fine lines. It enhances your collagen production and gives you a flushed glow. Also, this strengthens your jaws and neck, thereby decreasing early signs of ageing. 

The goal of yoga is to engage the many muscles in your face and neck as you hold a lot of tension around your face muscles because of stress.  By stretching these facial muscles, you decrease puffiness and reduce wrinkles as well.  

Studies show that yoga for the face improves the fullness around the upper lip, cheeks, and jawline. Thereby it decreases the appearance of a double chin.  

Besides, they may reduce the appearance of acne scars on your face. As a result, you get even-toned skin.  

Face yoga poses to firm up your skin 

Some of these exercises tend to be counterintuitive, if not done correctly, leading to new wrinkles. And, it’s advisable to do these exercises in the morning for about 10 to 15 minutes.  

  • Fish mouth pose 

Begin by sucking the insides of your mouth, making fish-like lips. Keep your eyes wide open and hold this pose for a few seconds. If your eyes start watering, you can blink every 2 seconds and release the pose.  

This yoga pose is wonderful for stretching your cheek muscles and toning them up. Eventually, when you do this repeatedly for days, it brings a healthy glow to your skin. 

  • The big ‘O’ mouth 

First, make sure to sit straight and keep your eyes open. Now, stretch your lips to make them look like a big ‘O’ while using all the lower facial muscles. You can hold this pose for as long as you feel comfortable and release it gently. 

Interestingly, this increases the blood circulation on your face and decreases the appearance of fine lines.  

  • Smile with a pout 

If you are looking for ways to get a sculpted jawline, this face yoga pose is for you! All you have to do is pout with your lips and try smiling at the same time. This pose is repeated 10 times to see visible results of a chiselled jawline. 

  • Breathing exercises for glowing skin 

Generally, yoga is incomplete without breathing exercises! If you constantly experience stress and anxiety, it affects your skin and body. When you are agitated, your breathing changes. It makes your skin look paler and dull. But, by incorporating deep breathing techniques, you restore equilibrium in your body. As a result, your skin looks fresher.  

Prevent saggy skin and double chins with these face yoga exercises 

Often, we get worked up when we see that loose saggy skin on our face. It’s not a sight that most people like to behold as they age. Likewise, if your face is chubby, you try different ways to slim it down. Here, we’ll see a few face exercises that give you a youthful appearance. More importantly, you need facial oil to reduce the friction on your skin.  

  • The face-lifting exercises for glowing skin 

First and foremost, make sure you have a clean hand. Begin by placing your palms on the temples of your forehead. Now, push your hands up and back, with gentle strokes lifting the sides of your face. Meanwhile, make an ‘O’ shape in your mouth. Hold this for a few seconds and repeat the process. 

  • Smoothen forehead lines and lift eyebrows 

Your forehead is a place where initial signs of ageing occur. So, form a fist in your hand, and massage your forehead starting from the centre towards your temples. 

For your eyebrows, place your index finger above your brows and lift them upwards. Meanwhile, flutter your eyes a few times before releasing this pose.  

  • The neck lift for double chins 

First, pucker your lips to one side, and lift your face to the same side. Feel the stretch on your neck and repeat the same on the other side. This reduces the excess fat under your chin.  

Face yoga for glowing skin is a worthwhile alternative option. At the end of the day, maintain consistency and treat your skin with love!  

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