rando acts of kindness

Learn Some Random Acts of Kindness for a Richer Life

How do random acts of kindness enhance your life? Kindness is a universal language to connect with people and is immensely rewarding.

We all have experienced situations where random acts of kindness made us feel overwhelmingly delighted and uplifted. Didn’t such small acts of kindness – especially coming from people you didn’t know – make your whole day?   

Not only is kindness a universal language, but it is a means to show genuine respect and consideration to others. It is a powerful tool to express good character and deal with difficult circumstances.  

The rise of kindness in humans 

Are you born kind? No! 

Can you cultivate kindness within yourself? 

We consider humans to be emotional creatures. Apart from emotions like anger and happiness, you also long for a deep sense of shared connection with people. Your desire to bond vulnerably with others is primarily to feel valued and in sync. That’s why a smile from a stranger cheers you up! 

As you grow older, you realize the patterns and behaviour of the surrounding people. It creates a profound sense of tolerance, sensitivity, care, and understanding while promoting a strong bond among peers–a feeling of safety in their presence.  

You want to be seen and heard by others. So, when you show kindness, with less judgment, you realize how it strengthens every relationship in your life. 

Kindness – a magnet for happiness 

Little is known about how spreading kindness is associated with increased happiness. Continually being exposed to negativity in the news, social media, or in the streets will profoundly deplete your energy and affect your brain. 

Research shows that there is a strong link between kindness and happiness in people with strong as well as weak social ties. Cheerful people become even more elated when they show genuine consideration for people. Even observing one simple act of kindness can boost your happiness. 

Acts of kindness release brain chemicals that contribute to your wellbeing. Most research suggests that oxytocin is the reason you feel rewarded through acts of kindness. It is this ‘love hormone’ which forms bonds and trust amongst people and lowers pain, depression, and anxiety. That is why any act of kindness can make your body and mind feel good.  

Here’s a list of random acts of kindness you can practice –  

Be kind to Yourself First 

Often, the criticism we offer ourselves is the most painful. You blame yourself for everything you do wrong – even your self-doubts which plague you all the time. You cannot show kindness to others without showing compassion and care for yourself. Instead of being doubtful, tell yourself, “I deserve every bit of my life and I am worthy of it.” 

  •  Forgive your mistakes and shortcomings and show more self-acceptance. 
  • Give wings to your dreams and strive to become a better you. Establish a healthy diet and exercise in your routine.  
  • Write things you are grateful for in your life and implement words of affirmation every day. 

Kindness to elders and family 

The purest form of kindness exists within the family. As humans, we go through challenges and shortcomings. But with the presence of elders and family, you find peace in dire situations. A small act of kindness to family members, expecting nothing in return, never goes unnoticed.  

  •   Show love to your parents by surprising them with gifts. Or simply spend time with them and take them for a stroll through a park.  
  • Cook them a meal. You can also assist them with grocery shopping. 
  • Got no time to play with your kids? Take a day off and be with your kids. Encourage them to show kindness to others. 

Kindness to friends and neighbours 

As a kid, when you hit the ball into a neighbour’s yard unintentionally, your only hope to cling to is the kindness of your neighbour. Do you not secretly wish for kindness in such circumstances? Similarly, you can show kindness to them in different ways.  

  • Think about that old friend who shared a deep bond with you. Connect with him/her and reminisce about old times. Learn about their life and express concern and support. 
  • Suggest a movie or books you liked to your friends. Keep sharing useful ideas that changed your life.  
  • Say hello to your neighbours and their dogs when you walk by. Have a quick chat with them. 

Kindness to animals and nature 

Ultimately, we are accountable for the changes and destruction of nature. Are we not to be blamed for the ill-treatment of wildlife? To coexist with animals, you need to show kindness to the animals and nature. It could be as simple as giving your pet healthy food.  

  •  Embark on a mission to pick up litter in public places like a beach or even your neighbourhood with your friends. 
  • If you live alone, then adopting a pet won’t be a terrible idea.  
  • In the age of heightened consumerism, prefer cruelty-free products not tested on animals. 
  • Composting is a very effective way to recycle kitchen waste. 

Random Acts of kindness to strangers 

Ever had someone compliment your outfit? Did it make you more confident? Or someone hold an elevator for you when you almost missed it? These acts of kindness create emotional warmth and vibrant energy towards each other. Not only is it uplifting, but it is also a service to the community. It is a vicious cycle where one act of kindness prompts another. Compassion for random strangers is infectious and is susceptible to a friendly attitude.  

  • A simple gesture of kindness is to smile at a stranger you cross paths on the street. 
  • How about visiting an orphanage on your birthday? Carry sweet treats for the children and organize interesting activities.  
  • When you dine with your family at a restaurant. Always be kind to the servers and leave some extra tips.  

Acts of kindness to colleagues 

Usually, your work will take up most of your time, and in such a hectic environment, stress, anxiety, and deadline pressures are always present. Despite keeping a straight face, your co-workers may struggle to cope with life’s pressures. In such times, you can always do unique acts of kindness to lighten their burden.  

  • You can brew a cup of coffee for your overworking colleague. The caffeine kick will make them lively.  
  • Place sticky notes on their table, appreciating their effort and commitment.  
  • Share a motivating word to uplift their energy and assist in their work. 

The joy of spreading kindness 

Studies have shown that random acts of kindness to people result in decreased stress, depression, and anxiety – fostering mutual trust, connection, and care. Luckily, some days it’s all merry, but on other days you are at your wit’s ends. But with easy acts of kindness, you create emotions of calm, joy, and happiness in others.  

You never know how your small act of kindness could help someone. Not only is it rewarding to you, but also to those who receive and observe it. You make the world a better place for everyone by showing kindness.  

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