mango good for weight loss

Mango Good for Weight Loss? The Wonderful Health Perks You Need to Know

Is mango good for weight loss? Here’s how this yummy sweet fruit affects your weight-loss diet. And see how much is safe to consume.

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With the rising cases of obesity worldwide, it is not shocking that unhealthy food plays a major role in it. And this leads to questions about the latest buzz about fruits being effective for weight loss. Perhaps you have come across mango as a weight-loss diet. You might even ask, “is mango good for weight loss?”. Here we’ll see the many facts and myths surrounding this delicious yellow fruit.

First things first, mango is an irresistible fruit we all enjoy when in season. If you are a mango lover, you know there are many varieties to choose from. This popular tropical fruit is part of many delicacies in the world. While its juicy and creamy flavour makes it unique amongst the rest, it is also power packed with nutrients. But, how does mango help with weight loss? Is mango good for your diet? Let’s find out.

Are mangoes healthy?

Often, you cannot resist grabbing a ripe juicy mango in summer. However, most of you are unaware of its nutritional value. According to the National Mango Board, mango is a superfood rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. There are 202 calories in one whole mango, but a single serving of mango gives about 99 calories. Remember that the calories in one mango are greater than the calories in one cup. Also, the nutritional profile of a single serving/one cup of mango is-

  • 99 calories
  • 6g of total fat (0.2g saturated fat)
  • 7 of total carbohydrates (2.6g dietary fibre and 22.5g sugar)
  • 4g of protein
  • 7 mg of sodium
  • 0 mg of cholesterol

Apart from these, in a single serving of mango, you get-

  • 1 mg of vitamin C
  • 60 mg of vitamin A
  • 2 mg of calcium
  • 2 mg of potassium
  • 1 mg of phosphorous

Does mango help in the weight loss journey?

There are mixed opinions on mango being good for weight loss. Some suggest avoiding mangoes as they can interrupt your weight loss journey. And some encourage you to eat mangoes to lose more weight. Are you confused between the two? Don’t be. Interestingly, mangoes do not increase your weight. In a couple of ways, it can enhance your weight loss journey.

Like any other fruit, mangoes are extremely rich in fibre and water. The high-fibre content aids in digestion and keeps you full for a longer period. As a result, you consume fewer unhealthy snacks that eventually increase your weight. Also, fibre increases your metabolism and helps you to burn fat. Some research suggests that the phytochemicals found in mango can speed up your weight loss.

Mango has 99 calories, which is more compared to some other fruits. That does not mean it will make you gain weight. As long as you keep an eye on the serving size, mangoes can be effective for weight loss. But how is mango bad for your weight-loss diet? When mangoes are plentiful in the summer, you consume them enormously. While you enjoy its sweetness, the high natural sugar content is the less glamorous side of mangoes. That is why moderation is key when you consume mangoes.

Impressive health benefits of mango for weight loss

Expert nutritionist suggests mango is healthy and safe for your weight-loss diet. They are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, fibre, and vitamin C. Besides, the bioactive compound mangiferin found in mangoes possesses immense health benefits. A few lesser-known benefits of eating mangoes for weight loss are-

  • Heart health and cholesterol: Since mangoes are high in vitamin C and dietary fibre (pectin), they lower LDL cholesterol levels. So, mangoes are a healthy addition to your weight-loss diet. Moreover, they make your heart healthy by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.


  • Supports digestion and the immune system: As mangoes are fibre rich, they are effective in cleansing your gut. An enzyme amylase found in mangoes helps you digest your food and absorb the nutrients. So, having a mango helps in weight loss and weight management. In addition, the essential micronutrients found in mangoes like vitamins C, B6, and A protect you against infections. Also, the nutrients and minerals like copper, selenium, and zinc act as antioxidants and enhance your immunity.
  • Evades cancer and high blood sugar: Interestingly, eating mangoes has been positively correlated with the prevention of cancer. It is because of the mangiferin compound present in mangoes. It shows antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the beta-carotene present in it protects your body from cancers.Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love having a ripe juicy mango? But if you are a mango lover and diabetic, the high sugar content of the fruit can be worrisome. Part of the reason many avoid mango for weight loss is the fear of raising their blood sugar levels.

    Well, the glycaemic index of mango is around 51—falls under the low GI category. It is considered safe for diabetic patients. However, portion size matters and moderation of quantity is crucial. Limit yourself to one cup per day. Moreover, experts suggest that the dietary fibre in mango is helpful for diabetes. Some research even suggests that mangiferin can help reduce your blood sugar.

  • Healthy skin and eyes: Contrary to popular belief, mangoes are not bad for your skin. The vitamins C and A found in mangoes are beneficial to your skin. Since mangoes do not cool your body, they can cause acne. Hence, nutritionists recommend that you soak mangoes in water for some time before eating. Likewise, the vitamin A and antioxidants in mangoes improve your eye vision. It helps in the prevention of night blindness.

Dried mango and weight loss

Just as ripe mangoes, dried mangoes are also highly nutritious. Many people enjoy eating dried mango, and it is safe in moderation. They are sometimes used to reduce inflammation and boost your immunity. However, you may be wondering whether dried mango is good for weight loss. You need to know that it is high in sugar and calories (120) compared to fresh ripe mangoes.

Often, canned mangoes come with added sugar. But unsweetened dried mango doesn’t affect your weight-loss diet. However, if you are on a strict weight-loss diet, it is wise to avoid sweetened dried mangoes, which only add extra calories.

Raw mango and weight loss

For many, raw mango pickles are a favourite side dish. But is raw mango good for weight loss? Even raw mango is high in fibre and can help you lose weight. However, eating too many pickles will affect your weight-loss diet, as it is high in sodium.

Mango is helpful for weight loss in moderation

Ultimately, eating mango is good for weight loss, but stick to one cup per day. But it is not a magic pill to shed the extra pounds off your body. Since losing weight has more to do with your healthy diet and exercise. Despite this, mango fibre and weight loss usually go hand in hand. So, cut a mango into a grid and make it a part of your weight-loss diet!

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