Is curd good for weight loss

Is curd good for weight loss? Curd, the finest dairy product in your weight loss journey

Are you struggling to lose weight with dairy products and uncertain if curd is good for weight loss, read the magic of curd for weight loss.

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Curd is a classic Indian dish that has been prepared for thousands of years.  Did you know that curd is a superfood that is consumed as a ritual in every Indian home, whether it be a teaspoon of curd or a tablespoon of curd rice? This is especially true in South India.  

Although curd is beneficial, there are some unanswered questions when it comes to weight loss. Is curd good for weight loss? That’s a big question, isn’t it? 

Take a look at the miracles the superfood curd can perform. 

Curd is known for its delicious taste, silky, and creamy texture. Apart from taste and texture, it has its own role to play and can help you with many health benefits in the human body.  

Curd is a naturally fermented product with many nutrients including protein, Vitamin B1, B6, B12, calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium. These nutrients are present in a concentrated form as compared with your regular milk. 

Curd’s advantageous qualities and curd for weight loss 

  1. Rich in calcium: A bowl of curd strengthens bones, raises body temperature, improves metabolism, and aids in fat burning. Helps in maintaining the strength of your teeth, prevents dental caries and gum disease.  
  2. Phosphorous: According to studies, eating enough phosphorous through food causes obesity to reduce and aids in weight management by reducing abdominal obesity. 
  3. Magnesium: Plays a crucial role in how well insulin works, particularly in obese and overweight people, where it efficiently turns glucose stored in the body into energy. You no longer need to be concerned about your belly fat if you have your magnesium levels under control. 
  4. Potassium: helps you get a flat stomach by removing water and sodium from your body. aids in maintaining your lean muscle mass after dieting. 
  5. A Good source of protein: Curd is a good source of protein for vegetarians. A high protein diet helps one achieve their weight loss goals, provided they stay hydrated throughout the weight loss regimen. A high protein diet helps you build lean muscle mass which also helps in burning more calories and can help you in weight loss.  
  6. A rich probiotic source: Curd is a rich source of probiotics because it balances the gut microbiota, which alters how your body processes food and increases metabolic rate, which aids in weight reduction. Although there have been no studies that directly link probiotics to weight loss.  
  7. Improves gut related issues: Curd aids in digestion, because it’s easier to digest than milk. Helps in relieving constipation and diarrhea. All thanks to the good bacteria present in curd  
  8. Controls blood sugar: Curd has probiotics that really helps your body to lower blood sugar levels, aiming to improve metabolism.  
  9. Aids in managing lipid profile: Though not many studies support this data, curd aids in reducing the cholesterol levels in a person and reduces blood pressure, therefore helpful for people with hypertension.  
  10. Curd for immunity: Can help you prevent infections  
  11. A great stress buster: Curd helps in reducing the cortisol levels. Stress can result in high cortisol levels which can lead to weight gain. Having curd helps you keep calm by reducing cortisol levels in your body and can help you lose weight.  

Are you still uncertain about curd for weight loss? These frequently asked questions about consuming curd may help you understand. 

  • Is curd good for weight loss at night?   

Ayurveda advises against eating curd after sundown since it can disrupt the body’s chemistry during the night and cause colds, coughs, and bloating. It is best to avoid curd at night whether you are trying to lose weight or not. 

  • When to eat curd for weight loss? 

When ingested with honey or a natural sweetener like jaggery before breakfast, curd performs at its best. 2-3 times a week, one cup of homemade curd helps to keep the gut healthy and may promote weight loss.  

  • Curd or yogurt: Which is better for weight loss? 

The primary difference between curd and yogurt is that curd naturally contains many different strains of bacteria, curd is made without the addition of sugar or preservatives, and has a hazy texture. Yogurt, on the other hand, seems smooth and plain with just one strain of bacteria plus additional sugar, flavors, and preservatives. In light of the fact that yogurt often has additional sugars, which can occasionally result in weight gain, I would naturally recommend a homemade curd instead of yogurt for those looking to lose weight. 

  • Does curd cause belly fat?

Curd does not make a person gain weight unless they consume 5–6 cups a day or more. 2-3 cups per day are the suggested intake for weight loss; anything more could lead to weight gain.  

  • Does curd cause acne and pimples? 

Curd is an excellent moisturizer, helps in removing acne and prevents sunburn as it is an excellent source of vitamin E, zinc and phosphorous which firms up your skin, reduces acne and any signs of ageing.  

Ways to eat curd right 

  • Never add salt or sugar to curd; instead, use jaggery, rock salt or black salt, in place of those ingredients. 
  • Never consume curd at night; buttermilk may be a preferable choice. 
  • Avoid using curd with incorrect combinations: For instance, mixing curd and milk is a common error, particularly when creating smoothies. When eating curd, you should also stay away from fish, milk, oily meals, and mangoes (foods that are considered high in heat).  

NOTE: If the wrong combinations are used, you may have skin issues or breakouts like acne, etc. They are also quite challenging to the stomach. 

  • For the best use of fresh curd, always eat it without refrigeration. Adding mint to a bowl of curd makes it easy for digestion and reduces bloating.  
  • Avoid heating curd because doing so destroys the bacteria that are already present and alters its overall potency, making it more difficult to digest. 
  • It is best to refrain from consuming curd during the rainy season. The best times to eat curd are in the winter and summer.  

How to incorporate curd in your diet for weight loss 

  • Always go for homemade curd that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and make it in small batches so that there aren’t any leftovers or sour curd at home. 
  • Combine rice with curd, either brown rice or try green gram whole 
  • Because it is so heavy, curd is not recommended every day. 
  • Make sure you are exercising regularly if you wish to consume curd on a daily basis; otherwise, it may lead to weight gain. 
  • People who experience concerns like acidity, bleeding, extreme body heat, and hair fall can utilize sweeter varieties of curd. 
  • Those who experience indigestion, gastrointestinal problems, or body pain can consume savory curd varieties. 
  • Buttermilk can be tried at night. 


Curd is definitely a superfood when consumed in the right quantity, right time and the right way. So, would you choose curd in your weight loss journey? Is curd good for weight loss? Definitely a yes! But make sure you eat it right with moderation. Excessive amount of anything is bad.  

Remember to not have curd at night and make sure you use the right combinations when you use curd.  

Have a lovely day 😊 

Written by Aishwarya Deepika, ENHAPP Wellness Coach & Nutritionist.

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