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How To Use Essential Oils For Sinus Relief?

Try these essential oils for sinuses and relieve your stuffy nose. Know how Ayurvedic Nasya oil benefits your nervous system and sinus.

Let’s be honest. We all loathe being sick and side-lined for a week or two. Besides, catching a cold gives rise to all other uncomfortable symptoms, like coughing and sneezing. No matter how much you take care of yourself, sometimes you can’t escape catching a cold. And if your cold just won’t go away even after a week, chances are you have sinusitis. Although decongestants and antibiotics help, your body takes its own time to heal sinus infections. Aside from that, essential oils for sinus problems are an alternative way to cope with your sinus symptoms.  

Sinuses are the cavities within the bones that surround your nose and help clear mucus. But when this drainage system swells and blocks, your mucus becomes thick and clogged. This blockage occurs if you have an infection or an allergy.   

Sometimes, structural issues with your nose put you at a greater risk of chronic sinus infections. Often, you experience intense headaches and pressure around your eyes. Meanwhile, many people resort to steam inhalation to unblock their stuffy noses. So, is steam good for the sinus? Can you add essential oil for sinus infections? Let’s find out.  

Aromatherapy with essential oils for sinus 

Generally, essential oils are produced by steaming a part of the plant. These oils tend to be highly potent. And there is limited research on essential oils being effective against infections. However, it is quite effective at tackling pesky sneezes, stuffy noses, and headaches. That is why aromatherapy is used to decongest and improve your respiratory health.  

While steam inhalation helps soothe and open your stuffy nose, too much of it can make your mucus thicker. Of course, the steam benefits for the nose are therapeutic. But you must limit inhaling steam to less than three times per day.   

You can even include essential oils like eucalyptus oil for steam inhalation. Just add two to five drops of these oils to boiling water. And make a steam tent by covering your head with a towel. Keep breathing through your nose for not more than two minutes at a time. It helps relieve your runny nose. 

Apart from these, you can create dispersed particles of essential oils by using a diffuser. It is an effective way to inhale the oils and fight off respiratory infections. You can also directly inhale the essential oil by adding a few drops to your handkerchief. Also, taking an aromatherapy bath with a few drops of essential oils in your bathwater helps decongest your nose. 

Best essential oils for sinus infection 

For centuries, aroma oils have been used as an alternative medicine for their healing effects. Often, when medications don’t work, you turn to home remedies like essential oils. It relieves sinus congestion and reduces inflammation. And there are numerous essential oils you can choose from. Here, we’ll see top-performing oils for the sinuses, which you can use to speed your recovery process. 

  • Eucalyptus  

When it comes to sinusitis, nasal congestion and headaches cause major discomfort. And this makes you grab nasal sprays and tablets for quick relief. But you cannot rely on them for more than a specified period. Thankfully, eucalyptus oil for the sinus shows promising effects. It works efficiently in supporting your respiratory system and improving scratchy throat and congestion. 

Besides, eucalyptus essential oil contains a compound called cineole, which fights off viruses. Also, it helps to reduce inflammation associated with the sinus in the long run. And if you experience chest congestion, the antibacterial properties of eucalyptus oil help clear your infection. Plus, it is effective in managing the symptoms of allergic reactions. 

So, how to use eucalyptus oil for sinus congestion? Well, you can take steam of eucalyptus oil for the sinus or inhale it directly. Most chest rubs contain eucalyptus oil for a soothing effect. You can use this oil to attain relief from muscle soreness associated with your sinuses as well. Plus, it helps you sleep better by clearing the stuffiness. 

  • Peppermint 

You probably reach for a menthol cough drop when you get an itchy throat. It’s quite evident that menthol has cooling action which provides massive relief. Menthol is found in peppermint oil, which affects the mucus receptors and helps open your blocked airways. While it helps in reducing your fever, some research suggests that it shows antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

When a sinus infection affects you, try breathing in peppermint oil to alleviate your congestion. Steam inhalation with a few drops of this oil is also a good option. 

  • Rosemary 

There is more to rosemary than just seasoning the food. It is high in antioxidants which help your immune system fight off viruses. The anti-inflammatory property and the cutting scent of rosemary oil can soothe your swollen sinuses.  

If your nose feels stuffy, just inhale the rosemary oil or diffuse them. However, not everyone can handle its sharp aroma, making them dizzy and allergy symptoms more severe. 

  • Lavender 

Part of the reason you face difficulty in falling asleep, is the discomfort in breathing from sinus congestion. However, lavender has a delicate floral scent, which acts as a stress reliever and promotes sleep. Plus, it has been found to have a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic activity. For maximum benefits, you can keep lavender oil in a diffuser, which breaks your mucus congestion. 

  • Lemon 

Like other essential oils, lemon oil has proven to be effective in reducing mucus. It is powerful when it comes to managing your sinus infection. Their antimicrobial properties support upper respiratory function and relieve stuffiness. 

Additionally, they strengthen your immune system and prevent further infections. You can use lemon oil for sinus in several ways. One simple way is to mix lemon oil with a carrier oil in a 1:1 ratio and rub it on your chest. It can be especially helpful for achieving steady breathing. 

  • Thyme  

Although expensive, thyme happens to be one of the best essential oils for the immune system. Thyme oil has powerful antibacterial and expectorant properties which makes it perfect for coughs and sinus infections. It supports your respiratory system as well. Diffusing thyme essential oil is a great way to clear your nose and keep infection at bay.  

  • Tea tree  

Often tea tree oil is used in a diffuser or applied topically (diluted) on your skin. This oil possesses a compound called alpha-sabine which provides antiviral effects. Moreover, it helps to reduce the inflammation of your sinuses. 

Classic Nasya oil blend for sinus infections 

According to Ayurveda, Nasya is a practice of moisturizing your nasal cavities by placing a few drops of oils into your nostril. Putting oil on the nose benefits your mental stress and soothes your nervous system.  

Ayurveda believes that the nose is a gateway to your consciousness. So, addressing the imbalances in your nasal passage can give you mental clarity. This formula shows remarkable effects on clearing your sinuses and facilitates deep breathing. Also, this combines oils like olive oil for a dry nose which nourishes the breathing pathway. 

Even castor oil for sinus congestion is an effective way to reduce swelling and inflammation. The Nasya treatment involves placing a few drops of warm castor oil into your nostrils. It can re-establish the loss of smell associated with cold. 

Essential precautions you need to take before using aroma oils 

If you use them appropriately, essential oils for sinus are safe. However, it is dangerous to ingest essential oils internally. Make sure that you always dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil (like jojoba oil) before using topically. Plus, if you are pregnant, you need to be extra cautious and check with your healthcare provider before use. Otherwise, high-quality essential oil is what you need to get relief from sinus stress! 

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