how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

How to lose 10 kgs of weight fast in 2 weeks ?

Do you really think you can lose 10kg of weight in 2 weeks only?

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Give it a thought!   

Do you think you have gained these 10 kilos in just 2 weeks’ time?

You must have gained 10 kg of weight in weeks & months of cumulative wrong lifestyle & food habits; then how can you even think of losing this weight in just 2 weeks’ time?

Don’t you think it’s unfair on our part to try to take short-cuts and start behaving responsibly towards our body irrespective of the situation and control our intake in terms of quality & quantity on a daily basis?

Well let me reveal the biggest and mostly a known secret, which we all are aware but hardly few of us stick to it. You have guessed it right, its simply “Consistency”. 

Consistency may sound like a simple word, but trust me it isn’t. 

As some day we have wedding function in our family, and birthdays on some other day, someday it’s our spouse’s birthday or a friend’s anniversary. Oh man, out of 365 days 200 days might be some or the other celebration going on and we have to be a part of. 

By now if you are still reading my blog I’m sure you are here to find a solution and not stick to the FAD diets going around on internet, so I have broken down this blog in 2 simple steps  

Step-1: Simple Thumb Rules 

  • Always remain present and MINDFUL in your choices: Remaining present and mindful implies, taking care of each meal we consume every single day irrespective of where you are, which season is ongoing, always try to choose the wisest option. Example if you are traveling and just have an option of bread omelet & cornflakes milk, its ideal to have a bread omelet combo by personalizing your omelet to a double/triple whole egg omelet than just cornflakes milk as quality protein are in eggs compared to milk. 
  • In every meal ensure to add Lean Protein: Ensure to keep up your muscles, by ensuring to add in lean protein in every meal of the day. As a thumb rule follow to add your palm size of lean. Meat & if you want to add in plant –based protein choose from mushrooms, quinoa, peas, broccoli, oats, pulses, nuts, edamame, amaranth etc. 
  • Ensure to cover at least 1/3 of your plate with non-starchy vegetables: As a part of routine ensure to consume at least 3-5 portions of colorful & non-starchy veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, lettuces, asparagus, and lots of other delicious foods that can all be prepared in many different ways so you won’t get bored of them. 
  • Replace refined carbs with whole lentils & whole cereals: Instead of eliminating all carbs, however, you can focus on cutting out refined carbs and processed sugars and eating whole grains and plenty of fiber. This category of food should make up the smallest portion of every meal, just one serving or about 1/4 of the plate. These are found in all types of grains, lentils, legumes & beans. 
  • Always stick to quality Fats: Quality fats aren’t the refined oil/ butter per se. But quality fat is any fat occurring in its most natural form, unprocessed and cold pressed like White butter, Ghee, coconut oil, mustard oil or olive oil. Even nuts, avocado & egg yolks are also a part of naturally occurring fats so never skip eating them. 

Step-2: Practice these healthy Habits 

  • Masticate each bite 28-30times: As we are all joining the rat race of modernization, we have completely forgotten our culture of eating, with focus & concentration. Now a days we multi-task, try to bring in all your 5 senses at the table to sit down, give yourself 15 min break and eat, that will help in better digestion, absorption, assimilation & metabolism, because the 1st step of chewing & breaking down each food particle & mixing it with the saliva is very important step. 
  • Out of sight out of mind: Always follow this rule at home & at your workplace. Any junk foods/fast foods shouldn’t be stocked up to avoid their temptation. Also try to add in healthier snacks/food options in your pantry like in place of chips/wafers stock up nuts/trail mix. In place of milk chocolates stock up 85-90% cacao dark chocolates, so that you only lay your hands on best possible options when you have cravings. 
  • Avoid consuming fruit juices/beverages/alcohol: Easiest ways to lower your calorie consumption for the day is to start with liquids because we often forget just how many calories the beverages contain. To lose weight fast, you’ll need to eliminate these drinks from your daily life. 
  • Hydrate yourself with 4 litre of water daily: Hydration is the key element to help us get rid of toxins, hence if we ensure to replace all the fluids we drink with just plain, unflavoured water then 60% of our digestive issues & weight loss struggles will be solved automatically. 
  • Follow your Circadian Rhythm: Very important tip we must maintain is rest & recovery. We all go through an array of stress & strain throughout the day- physical, mental, social, financial & intellectual hassles, and all these can be handled well and we can stay fit if we ensure to follow a quality sleep cycle every day, irrespective of weekends. Quality is always important along with quantity hence ensure to go to bed an hour before 12 midnight & 2 hours post dinner, then you will always maintain a consistency & rhythm your body can be happy about. 

So by now you know the little secrets of maintaining CONSISTENCY, the little thumb rule that will take you long way. 

Do remind yourself that the short-cuts available on internet-” The Fad Diets” are not the simple answer to your weight loss struggle but actually “Habit Formation” or re-wiring your brain of the wrong habits is what is going to show you results. 

So next time you hear this statement anywhere around the globe- “Lose 10 kg in 2 weeks” you must & should know how untrue that is. Do share these tips & tricks with your loved ones too, so that no one falls prey of these wrong statements. 

Happiness comes with Consistency:) 

Written by Ananya Bhattacharya, ENHAPP Wellness Coach & Nutritionist 

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