cord cutting meditation

How to practice the powerful cord-cutting meditation?

Cord-Cutting meditation is the practice that can help heal you physically, energetically, change your relationships with your overall wellbeing!

Cord-cutting meditation is clearing the negative attachments we have made with others in our body.  

When we have attachments with other people in our surroundings, like a co-worker, lover, friend, or someone we might have met briefly, a cord gets attached between us – “an energy cord”. Some people may send energy cords to you, even whom you might not know, especially if you are a public figure or doing something big & meaningful in the world. You might have too many cords attached to you that you don’t even know of, because they are seeing you on social media & sending you energy your way. This energy may become a HUGE drag, that can weigh you down or make you feel overwhelmed. Particularly with people you have resentment with or there is a need to forgive- maybe a past lover or someone else with an unsettled relationship. 

This is a practice that can help heal you physically, heal you energetically, change your relationships with your overall wellbeing, if you practice it regularly.  

Cord cutting meditation is a very powerful yet protective way to remove and clear any negative attachments, helping you pull back your power & energy for full freedom. The way negative attachments come to you, similarly you may have attachments towards others, which serve no purpose.  

We do not need to invite or attach ourselves to others to receive energy, we have all the energy and power we need within ourselves. 

Simple solution is practicing a “Guided Cord Cutting Meditation”  

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. 
  • Close your eyes and sit/lie down at rest. 
  • Breathe deeply from the nostrils & then breath out, loosening your body.  
  • With the next breath try to accept and feel what is & let go of what’s not meant to stay.  
  • Keep breathing slow & deep to release any unwanted & undescribed feelings. 
  • Find that quite place within which is undisturbed & the refuge that keeps you sane & safe in your still place, no matter what your outer world seems like, stick to this inner stillness. 
  • As you start to look for a door to release all your imagination into the new world, make that connect in your mind to what kind of world you want, the shape, size, color of the door. 
  • Imagine the door handle, open the door and step into the newer & brighter side, leaving BEHIND the old self. 
  • Step into your new world, brighter, more enlightening self, with a pool of water, noticing all the tiny details of the environment, taking note of all vivid details around you. 
  • As you start to walk towards the pool of water and sit near the pool of water feeling the freshness and beauty, releasing all your apprehensions washing away into the pool of water.  
  • Now as you breath in, let in the soothing light of the moon & stars & let this light illuminate each internal organ of your body & mind. 
  • As you fill yourself with this luminous glow, sense this energetic cocoon all around you, and immerse yourself under the soothing moonlight. 
  • Feel it as long & deep as you can. As you become still, you might find your energy sources and locate these cords, branches & energy sources and become more aware of it with each practice. 
  • As you take a deep breath repeat to yourself “I reclaim my own energy and release all the unwanted cords attached to me”. Now breathe deeper and fill yourself with more positive energy and more light.  
  • As you breathe deeply, breathe out even more slowly, feeling the light pushing out all the energy. While in the process you may feel heat or cold or a bout of emotions, let it flow, release it out of your system to cleanse yourself. 
  • You are doing so well. Now imagine you can reach one of your disconnected cords with your hands. Dip it in the pool of water and let it heal & stretch and say “THANK YOU, I release you” and send them back from where they came. 
  • Take time and repeat this with each cord you unattached yourself from, heal, release & let it be.  
  • Release any last cords and lighten yourself up, take a deep inhale & a full exhale, as you dip your feet in the pool of water and heal your body as you lower yourself into the pool. You lie on your back and float in the water admiring, the healing power of water under the blanket of stars & moonlit sky. Feel this water filling in any gap in your body making it clear, smooth and fulfilling.  
  • Soak yourself in this healing pool of water for 1 more minute and feel the power inside of yourself.  

One thing that might happen after practicing cord cutting meditation is that people from the past might try connecting back to you, be gentle to yourself and release & heal. 

Practicing the Cord-cutting Meditation for 25 days (though 30 days is ideal).  

Make a commitment to remain unapologetic about your boundaries with people & the environment that drains your energy. Keep your beautiful warm energy, and your peace of mind intact. 

Practice this Cord-cutting meditation for at least a month to see an amazing change in your energy levels & personality as a whole. 

Be happily energetic😊 

Written by Ananya Bhattacharya, ENHAPP Wellness Coach & Nutritionist

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