Our Immunity Booster package is for you if you are:

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Struggling with frequent allergies and infections?

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Always catching the seasonal flu?

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Having excess stress and loss of energy?

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Struggling with indigestion and gut related issues?

The Immunity Booster program is designed to boost your immune system naturally. It helps you build a healthy outside starting from a healthy inside. It takes you through different ways to boost immune system so that you can experience reduced inflammation, higher energy levels, healthy weight loss, better digestion, relaxed mental wellbeing, and more.

Immunity Booster

2-weeks package

Owing to the pandemic, the entire world is in a grip of fear! To stay strong, it is vital to strengthen our immune system!

One-on-One Consultations

Nutrition Program

Lifestyle Program

Meditation Audio

Breathwork Videos

Weekly Educational Content







Additionally, you will also receive Dietary tips & guidelines, body measurement chart, food portions guide, grocery list and a recipe booklet.

Learn everything you need to know on how to boost your immunity with this Immunity Booster Program!

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