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From intelligent robots to self driven cars, technological change is happening at the speed of light around us. Technological and digital advancement continues to transform our lives and encourage us to form new habits, find new ways to work together, and become a better version of ourselves.
Introducing, ENHAPP – an integrated health and wellness platform that is committed to a growth-driven convergence of digital and physical health and wellbeing. In our world, everyone succeeds and prospers while working together.
From medical professionals, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to fitness professionals and end-users, ENHAPP’s integrated platform maximizes motivation, engagement, and collaboration to drive health improvement and provide hands-on, consultative services far and wide.

ENHAPP for Individuals

ENHAPP provides next-generation health and wellness solutions for the modern YOU. From online consultations to health screenings, our advanced and customised platform connects you with industry professionals and other healthcare providers to help you transform into a BETTER YOU.

ENHAPP for Fitness Professionals

ENHAPP is an integrated health and wellness platform that empowers fitness and wellness professionals to reach out to a larger group of audience. With expert coaching facilities, online consultations, and collaborative programs with other industry professionals, ENHAPP enables fitness professionals to expand their reach and establish meaningful and engaging wellness programs.

ENHAPP for Business

  • Insurance Companies
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Corporates
ENHAPP empowers insurance companies with a wide range of programs and opportunities to help their customers prepare for life’s challenges with confidence and good health. From gathering consented health data to crafting relevant programs, we enable insurance companies to help their customers achieve their health goals.
ENHAPP helps hospitals and clinics to broaden their focus beyond just treating the sick or curing illnesses. We provide technology and data-driven wellness solutions that drive more effective behaviour change, engaging patients with quality content, and delivering wellness programs to help patients make positive lifestyle changes and take care of their own health.
ENHAPP provides corporates with expert solutions to elevate their employees’ physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. From initiatives to address employee wellbeing concerns, to creating programs that improve performance, productivity, and efficiency, ENHAPP motivates your workforce towards optimal health practices and self-care goals.

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Wellness Management Programs

Our experts design programs to address non-communicable diseases and help assess their conditions and find solutions to manage any concerns.

Care Management Programs

Our experts design programs to address non-communicable diseases and help assess their conditions and find solutions to manage any concerns.

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About 80% of kidney stones contain calcium. Most often, oxalate is the chemical that hooks up with calcium. The resulting stones are made of calcium oxalate. But some kidney stones are made of other chemicals. 
Diet, smoking, and obesity are modifiable lifestyle factors that we can all control. By eating well, quitting smoking, and maintaining a normal weight, people can protect their kidneys and prevent future damage

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